Chelan Valley Independent School provides a learning environment that encourages and guides children to think critically, be creative, work independently as well as cooperatively, and become life-long learners.


We provide an engaging education appropriate to meet the needs of elementary school students.  We maintain a positive, respectful community that values the following ideals:

• A joy of learning
• Understanding of personal learning styles
• Development of analytical and critical thinking skills
• An environment of emotional safety to build self-confidence
• A sense of responsibility
• Development of knowledge, skills and understanding needed to act effectively in modern society
• Sensitivity toward other people and their cultures

Some of the things we do to achieve these ideals include:

• Teach to nurture not only academic development, but also the social, emotional, artistic, and physical development
• Offer small class size with attention to individual needs
• Provide a multi-age environment where children work side by side, fostering cooperative learning as well as individual responsibility
• Offer a faculty with expertise in multiple disciplines and enthusiasm about the elementary school years
• Emphasize an integrated curriculum