Wendy Schramm

WendyTeaching Visual Art at CVIS allows me to nurture each student’s ability in self expression. I spend time every semester brainstorming with the students the techniques and mediums they are interested in learning to use. We tackle things like life-sized paper mache screamers, multi-colored block prints, hand built pottery, and book illustrations. This year we were very fortunate to get the opportunity to take the whole school to see the Picasso Exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum. The teachers at CVIS have taken these experiences- as well as experiences in language arts, science, social studies, and music- and have made them a part of our academic day. While working on the Middle School Play and All School Musical, the students take ownership and pride in building and painting sets, creating props, and making posters. Once in a while they even ask their parents to help. I am proud to be a part of such a uniquely cooperative group of educators, parents, and students. This collaborative, hands-on, developmentally appropriate, multiage school has provided a wonderful academic foundation for my own children and a fulfilling place for me to teach, work, and play.