Vision Statement

Chelan Valley Independent School is a strong, stable and vibrant non-profit entity, striving for a student body that is a reflection of the diversity of our greater community.  Our team is comprised of passionate professionals guided by a supportive administration and held together by dedicated parents and community members.  Family involvement is a core value of the school, and is essential to its function.

We provide a challenging and innovative course of academics utilizing the best teaching methods available. Our small, multi-age classes allow us to immerse our learners in theme-based, hands-on activities.  Our diverse and experienced staff is committed to providing a stimulating, individualized approach to learning that extends beyond classroom walls and across the curriculum.

We are dedicated to nurturing self-confidence by recognizing students’ unique strengths and challenges and motivating them to explore and realize their potential. Through inspiration, sharing respect, instilling a love of learning, and honoring multiple intelligences, we effectively prepare our students for the future.

We provide a caring, comfortable environment for learning.  Visitors will hear the sounds of music, laughter, and small and large group collaborations, smell nature, science projects, and cooking, feel warmth, safety, security, and love, and see peer and multi-age cooperation, artwork, creative movement, mentoring and leadership, parental involvement, and problem solving.

We offer an ideal model for learning.  Our students become confident young citizens who enjoy learning and are equipped with the necessary tools to be successful.  The immeasurable value of this type of education is confirmed with every student’s smile, laughter, confidence, and self-esteem.