Extracurricular Activities

Hot air balloons was a fun project connected with the Energy, Inventions, and Machines theme. This is a science project that never gets old.

Mummified Chickens
Every third year, when the theme is “The Ancients,” students do an archaelogical dig to recover a previous class’ Mummified Chicken.

Hawk Watch We often pay a visit to some migratory birds in the fall. There is a premiere bird-watching spot at Chelan Ridge where biologists set up camp and share info about birds with us. In the process of tagging and releasing hawks students may have the opportunity to hold the birds and help the scientists.

Cooking We jump at the opportunity to cook. Sometimes we cook for special guests like our Grandfriends. Other times we cook for science, history or Theme. Sometimes we cook just to cook.

Grandfriends Day On this special day Students invite their Grandparents or Grandfriends to share a day at school with them. Students perform, sing, and share in fun activities. We also take the time to learn from our Grandfriends about things from their childhoods that they can teach us.

Pumpkin Harvest

This is but one example of a trip to learn about the agricultural process. Students plant their pumpkins in the spring at the end of the school year and get to harvest them in the fall after they return to school.

Halloween Need We say more!

Pumpkin Caroling On Halloween students wear costumes to local retirement/nursing homes and Pumpkin Carol for Senior Citizens. Pumpkin Carols are funny Halloween theme songs to the tune of Christmas Carols. Students get to entertain, show-off their costumes and maybe even eat some candy.

Winter Recreation We try to take at least one day out of the Winter to get away for an educational play day. Past trips have included ice-skating in Wenatchee, tubing at Echo Valley and skiing and snowboarding lessons at Mission Ridge

Ropes Course Volunteers Martin Fleming and Jeff Berman led CVIS fourth through sixth graders on a day-long ropes course activity. Throughout the day, the students learned to work as a team, as well as develop trust for one another.