We have openings available for preschool enrollments. Please contact us for more information.

The preschool mission at CVIS is to promote a lifelong love of learning by emphasizing the development of the whole child, allowing children to enjoy the beauty of childhood with the parents as active participants.

Enrollment information:

  • All three, four and five year olds who are potty trained and whose parent(s) or family member is able to assist in the classroom two days per month are welcome.  Projects may also be taken home to fulfill required time.
  • Two, three, four, or five days a week program based on your child’s needs and age.
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays are reserved for four and five year olds.
  • We recommend three year olds choose either a two or three day week.
  • 3 year olds may be referred to the five day program by their teacher.
  • Four and Five year olds may choose any of our programs that best fit their needs.
  • As long as openings are available, a child may enter mid-year upon turning three.
  • All students, upon enrollment, will be in our one-month evaluation period with an optional parent/teacher conference scheduled at the one-month point.  The purpose of this evaluation period is to give the teacher time to assess a child’s readiness for the classroom environment and to give the family time to see if they are comfortable and in agreement with our program.

We draw from the following curriculums: Zoo Phonics, Handwriting without Tears, Bridges Number Corner Math, and Creative Pre-K, to create the following atmosphere.

  • Child-initiated, teacher-supported play.
  • Exploration and expression of the arts, using experiences in the three dimensional world, which match children’s developmental stages.
  • Learning Centers structured for children to learn through active exploration and interaction with other children, materials and adults.
  • Learning activities and materials in the areas of math, literature, social studies and science that are concrete, real and relevant to the lives of young children.
  • An emphasis on music and rhythm through daily classroom singing, rhythm instruments and occasional all-school performances.
  • Opportunities for children to choose from among a variety of activities and materials.
  • A balance of rest and active movement.
  • Oral language development as a primary focus, including conversation, songs, stories and poems to read, tell and dramatize.
  • Differentiated instruction tailored to each child, according to their abilities.
  • Exposure to phonological awareness, print, and the development of reading and writing.
  • Field trips to local venues based on current theme.

Class size is limited a maximum adult/student ratio of 1:7. Parents are required to be a part of our program, as children love to share their experiences with their families and friends.