Help keep an academically innovative, arts-enriched, non-profit school from closing its doors

CVIS Alumni talk about the difference this school has made in their lives.

Progress Thermometer 23 percentYou may be reading this page because you followed a link on Twitter. Or because you’re a local community member or business owner. Or perhaps you’re involved in the arts and heard about our plea elsewhere.

Whatever the reason, in the end, you’re here because you care enough to be here.

Due in part to the substantial scholarships we give to make our independent, non-profit, arts-focused school available to as many as possible, we’ve operated with tuition accounting for only 65% of our income (most private schools strive for 80%) and made up the rest in fundraising. A surprise to no one, the economy has tapped out our local small business donors and fundraising isn’t cutting it, meaning that after 19 years of serving families who want an alternative option to the public system, we may have to close our doors.

As a web designer, I’m hoping CVIS can expand its reach into the greater creative and artistic communities; to people who care about the arts, critical thinking, education, and making a real difference for kids and all the people they’ll come in contact with throughout their lives. Even a small donation from creative people like you could allow us to open our doors next fall.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

CVIS offers an alternative choice in our small town and shows its differences in some very obvious ways:

  • We’re different in the way that CVIS alumni make up only 3.5% of the public high school, but account for 28% of students with a 4.0 GPA.
  • We’re different in the way that high school students took it upon themselves to form a youth board for the non-profit, Give Naked, and be arguably more powerful and driven than the “adult” board.
  • We’re different in the way that our alumni put together the video above in support of their former school in two days with no prior video editing experience.
  • We’re different in the way that we can meet the needs of children exactly where they are. Not all of our students will achieve academic excellence, but they will achieve personal excellence.
  • We’re different in the way that we’re not creating leaders for tomorrow, we’re creating leaders for today; kids who are making a difference, right now, in real and meaningful ways.

Our students tend to be creative, driven, focused, inspired, and independent. And it shows in the way they carry themselves and make a difference both in our small community and the world at large.

Please help this amazing school stay alive and continue to make a difference.


Ryan Sommers
Parent, board member, and web designer

P.S. We’re a 501c3 (Tax ID 91-1556249) so your donations are completely tax-deductible.