Play-Ed After School Childcare

We have openings available for play-ed enrollments. Please contact us for more information.

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Available Schedules and Fees*:

Daily Monthly Payments at Annual Rate
(Payments due from September through May):
Hours Drop In 1 Day / Wk 2 Days / Wk 3 Days / Wk 4 Days / Wk 5 Days / Wk
Noon-5:00pm $25.00 $90.67 $173.78 $249.33 $317.78 $377.78
Noon-3:00pm $15.00 $54.44 $104.22 $149.56 $190.67 $226.67
3:00-5:00pm $10.00 $36.22 $69.56 $99.67 $127.11 $151.11

*  If you have selected the Annual Rate option, you will be charged for the entire fee shown above even if your child misses a day, or if you choose to pick up your child earlier than scheduled on any given day. If you select the Drop In rate, you will be charged the entire fee shown above for the time period you select, even if you choose to pick up your child before the end of the scheduled period.

REGISTRATION & PAYMENT PROCEDURES: If you have not pre-registered your child for Play Ed, you must complete the registration process and make payments prior to dropping your child off on the first day of Play Ed. We are not able to have unregistered children attend the program. Any balance due on Play Ed tuition must be paid prior to dropping your child off for the first day of Play Ed. To register, please submit a completed Enrollment Form and payment.  Please make your checks payable to CVIS.

– By mail to CVIS  P.O. Box 1330 Chelan, WA 98816

– Drop-off to CVIS School Office between the hours of 9am-3pm except Wednesdays 9am-12noon

WAIT LISTS: If our program is filled, we will put your child’s name on a wait list and notify you of the first available seat.

CANCELLATION POLICY: CVIS reserves the right to cancel a program if we fail to achieve the enrollment necessary to support the program.  In such a case, CVIS will provide parents as much notice as reasonably possible to facilitate making other plans for their children and provide a full refund.

DROP OFF: All children must be signed in by a parent/guardian unless participating in our School Bus Transportation Program or Walking-Escort Program. Please bring your child into the school and sign them in for the day. Please DO NOT drop your children off without signing them in.  Please notify the staff ahead of time if someone besides you will be picking up your child.

PICK UP: Children must be signed out by parent/guardian/designated person each day.  Our staff will be available at all times.  Please do not pick up your child without locating appropriate staff!

There are fees for all pick-ups/drop offs before or after the designated times!

Children dropped off more than 10 minutes prior to program start time or picked up more than 10 minutes after the program end time will automatically be charged a $1/minute fee.

LUNCH: Students attending from 12-3pm or 12-5pm need to bring a lunch. A refrigerator and microwaves are available for student use. Please let us know if your child has any severe food allergies or sensitivities and note this on the Enrollment Form.

SPECIAL NEEDS: If there are any special considerations that you feel we need to be aware of regarding your child (medications, allergies, behavioral problems, illnesses, etc.), please let our staff know.

WHAT IF? In case of illness during the day we will contact you to pick up your child early. Students who are not feeling well will stay in the main room until someone arrives to pick them up. We will also call you to report any accidents more severe than a simple scratch, splinter, or bruise. In case of an accident or more severe illness, it is our practice to contact parents immediately. However, if you cannot be reached, we have your written authorization for emergency treatment on the enrollment form. Please be sure to provide us with complete emergency contact information.

GROUND RULES: It is our goal to ensure that each child has an enjoyable and fulfilling experience as a participant in our program.  We will always emphasize positive ways to deal with difficult situations.

1) Children must stay with their designated Play Ed instructor. They must ask permission to use the restroom or leave the classroom for any reason.

2) Everyone is here to have fun! Bullying, dangerous play and violence will not be tolerated.  Our policies on discipline include verbal warnings, one-on-one discussions, time outs, parent conferences, and possible removal from the program.

Non-Discrimination Policy: CVIS does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, religious affiliation, sexual orientation or physical ability in the administration of our admissions and education policies, or in the hiring of employees. The C.V.I.S. Play-Ed Program strives to include all children and will attempt to provide reasonable accommodations as needed, so long as the accommodations provide no undue burden financially upon the program nor fundamentally alter the nature of services provided by the program. The school meets the standards for accessibility as outlined by ADA.

Click here to view the Play-Ed Enrollment Form