Alumni & Life After CVIS

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Houston Robison (04), and pictured with CVIS Alum Lucas Sztab, is a highly social and outgoing 16 year old.  She is always busy and manages to juggle scholastic and other activities with gusto!  She is involved in V-ball-lettered, B-ball, tennis-lettered, FFA, FBLA- going to state this year, and FCCLA.  She is taking honors English and upper math classes and has a 3.95 acculumative GPA.  She smoked the WASL in the 7th, 8th, and 9th grades, passing each time with exceeds standards recognition for reading, writing, and math.  Houston loves school and values her years at CVIS.  As she puts it, “CVIS is different than the public system because it teaches you to think and figure it out, no matter what’s thrown at you!”



Mandy Robison (06) is an excellent student with a 4.0 GPA.  She passed the 7th grade WASL recieving Exceeds Standards recognition in all areas. Mandy enjoys leadership activities and is part of a leadership class that meets everyday.  She was the class secretary for the first semester and enjoyed being the MC over the loud speaker in the mornings.  Mandy is also involved in sports- volleyball, basketball, and track, and participates on a club volleyball team.  Mandy will be participating in the honors English and upper math courses in the highschool next year.  She is contemplating running for an ASB office; she likes to make a difference!


Madison Cogswell (04) is currently attending college. She is fascinated by Asian culture and foods (sushi, yum!), loves being outside (especially snowboarding in the winter) and traveling. She went to Boston last spring and was able to visit the place where the Boston Tea Party took place and take a look at Harvard University. However, she still prefers the University of Washington and plans to become a Husky in 3 short years. She earned her brown belt in karate this September and will be continuing her studies to earn her black belt after the cross country season concludes. She is taking her first online course this fall through the online program offered at CHS. Naturally, she’s taking a Japanese language class. Honors English II is one of her favorite classes and she recently stated “I love Algebra! It’s like solving a puzzle!”. After spending this fall and winter snowboarding and completing her “serious” courses (Algebra 2 and Biology), she’s looking forward to being able to take Art classes for the first time since leaving CVIS 4 years ago. Another hope is that CHS will participate in another Salish sea expedition ( next spring and that she can spend more time onboard the Carlyn looking for phosphorescent sea life!


Zachary Robertson (1996) lives mainly in Chelan, yet visits his dad in tropical Saipan for months at a time.  He is a reflexologist, camp counselor at Centrum in Port Townsend, artist, organic produce nurturer for Bear Foods and Green Bean Delivery, community activist and friend.  He feels CVIS’s family-like environment nurtured in him a great love for community and a strong care for societal well-being. Zachary is pictured here in sunny Saipan by a mural he painted in 2002 for Saipan’s college Ceramics lab.


Leslie Jaynes (Johnson): I am lucky enough to say that in 5th grade I was a “founder” of CVIS.  My two years spent there were filled with so many wonderful memories and caring people.  I was inspired in many ways whether through acting, music, creative writing with “written and illustrated by” or field trips.  Most importantly I will remember the teachers who made a profound impact on me and the way I viewed the world around me.  I am sure many of you “old-timers” remember Nettie and Doug.  From them I learned more than basic math and grammar…I learned about myself, how to deal with change, how to accept all people, and how to strive for excellence.  I think of them both often as I now teach on the west side of the mountains.  I only hope I am making even a fraction of the impact they made on me.  Wherever they are…thank-you.  And to everyone that made, and continues to make CVIS possible, YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN CHILDREN’S LIVES!  And there is absolutely NOTHING more important than that.