What Parents Say

“There is an old story told of several ambassadors from a far away land that had come to visit a country. The ambassadors asked to meet with its greatest leaders…so they brought to them, representatives from the government.  To their surprise the ambassador told them that these were not the ones they sought.  So they brought some of their greatest military leaders, and again were baffled to be told that they were not the ones whom they sought. So they brought the head of the financial community along with several of representatives and to their consternation they were again rebuffed. So they finally asked who they sought, and the ambassadors’ replied, “The teachers of your children.” Over the last nine years we have entrusted our dearest treasures to CVIS – our children. You will always be a part of our story and song…Thank you,” – The Breznaus

“CVIS… Where children thrive! Why do they thrive?  Because they feel safe, valued and part of a school they know cares about them.  The teachers at CVIS make this school what it is.  They make learning fun and consider the whole child.  They know who doesn’t feel well or what child needs to be taken on to their lap.  It is beautiful to see them in action.  Through tired days and their own family issues they continue to give to our children.  I have the deepest respect for all of them and want them to know that we see what they do, and feel lucky to have our children in their light.

My child said on the last day of spring break how glad she would be to get back to school.  It doesn’t get much better than that for me as a parent.  Thank you, all of you, for what you do so well.”  – The Gembalas

“We love the flexibility of CVIS. Our daughter is able to “float” between 2 classrooms, and is kept challenged all day. She loves going to school, which is so important to us. We also love the original art she brings home on a weekly basis, it really brightens up our day…and my our living room!” – The Strandbergs

“The teachers and the environment at CVIS have played a large role in the development of our children into engaged, self-confident, independent, critical-thinking, problem-solving, intelligent, caring, leading members of this planet.  Thank you, Teachers!” – The Elsners

“We love CVIS because my child has a name and all the teachers and students know him by name.  Two years ago, a teacher in a different school threatened to fail our son in 1st grade.  Now, because of the encouragement of his caring teachers, he is reading at a 6th grade level.  CJ with a smile, after reading his progress report said, ‘Mom, my teacher likes me!'” – The Phillips

“We are continually amazed by the undeniable passion our teachers have toward educating our kids at CVIS. They nurture, inspire and enrich our kids’ lives every day and it is apparent at home and in the community.  We can’t imagine our kids being anywhere else.” – The Streckers

“A safe environment that nurtures our son is why we have chosen CVIS for our child.  Individualized attention and a challenging academic program at a pace that is right for him is worth paying for.  Peace of mind and confidence knowing that he has the best learning opportunity available is priceless.  Thank you CVIS!” – The Mardens

“We knew CVIS would allow our child to excel academically because of the small class sizes, the highly individualized academic program, and the ability to move forward at her own pace.  We didn’t want our child to be held back by the pace of a large class with many students entering having no prior educational experience. We didn’t want our child to be bored in school, but rather, we wanted her to be able to get excited about learning, to take ownership in her learning experience, and to feel the thrill of conquering challenges in the academic realm.

As she prepares for college now, we see what an amazingly strong student she is, what a motivated learner and citizen, what a responsible leader and teammate, what a confident young adult, what an enjoyable family member …we honestly can attribute much of this to her experience at CVIS.  She has often commented on how CVIS taught her to think differently than her peers; it taught her to face head-on any challenge with confidence.

Thirteen years ago the educational choice was ours and we are ever so grateful for the choice we made. This time around, the choices are hers and she is well prepared.” – The Robisons

“I just had Benjamin’s preschool conference.  Both Cheryl Ann and Rachel gave me a complete assessment and shared their insights on Ben’s learning style and temperament.  They were loving and knowledgeable.  I’ve watched the children’s ears perk when they simply hear  “Chelan’s” (CherylAnn’s) voice.  CVIS is filled with talented and caring teachers.   Just walking into the school feels special—-Jeannie kindly and strongly giving directions to a math game, Linda warmly greeting us each day, Dane walking by with his smart students surrounding him, evidence of Wendy sprinkled everywhere, Beth giving her wise smile, Tracey thoughtfully updating me on Ben’s day, and Mollie leading the way with the amazing combination of wit, perceptiveness, under-standing.  Thank you CVIS for being there!” – The Brownfields

“I have witnessed how CVIS develops the whole child as a person, not just as a receptacle for information.  I have witnessed young girls who were awkward and quiet, blossom into self-confident young women who are more focused on the world around them than the clothes on their bodies.  I have witnessed the interaction of the children like a family.  Cara is not just going to “school” everyday, she is going to be with her extended brothers/sisters and aunts and uncles.  I have witnessed the teachers instilling a love of discovery not just of facts.  Those are a few things that I love about CVIS and why we choose CVIS. Thank you.” – The Huttons

“Classes that are integrated across grade levels… smaller classes… close community… teachers who are willing to work with parents… teachers who take time, energy and attention with each child…

This is what we appreciate most about CVIS and our teachers.

Thank you.” – The Travers

What do you like about CVIS? Our parents said…

“Great individual attention to student learning.”

“Small class size.”

“Catering to the students’ needs.”

“Excellent education.”

“Some of my happiest moments in my education were here at CVIS and I’m excited for my child to be a part of it as well.”

“Community feel and personalized attention/challenges my child receives.”

“The fabulous staff.”

“Multi-age classrooms allow children to work to their own level of learning.”

“I like the fact kids have the opportunity to learn at their own pace.”

“High teacher to student ratio.”

“Caring teachers.”

“Small classrooms.”

“Parent participation.”

“The teachers are able to focus on each child with their individual needs in mind.”

“I like the fact that my child is interested in all the subjects and how in-depth they are. He always got into trouble at his last school because he was bored.”

“We like this school for the individualized, personal, and multi-teacher attention.”

“Something we like about CVIS…a great community of folks that care about kids, discovery, and learning.”

“Family involved.”

“Small class size.”

“Ability for kids to work at own level.”

“Incredibly, superior, nurturing education for my kids.”

“My children are getting a much better education.”

“Emphasis on arts.”

“Teacher/student ratio.”

“Teaching out of the box.”


“Honor and respect that parents and teachers show and create.”

“Parents’ involvement.”


“Teachers’ passion.”

“Multi-age classes.”

“Flexible teaching styles.”

“The diverse programs here that make learning that much more fun for the kids!”

“My child attends CVIS because it is a school that educates kids based on their individual needs. It is a friendly, welcoming place that puts value on the arts (performing as well as visual), as essential to learning, not luxuries.”