What Students Say

We asked our students what they love about CVIS, and this is what they said…

Middle School Students

“I love CVIS because the teachers are positive and nice.  I enjoy the curriculum we do and I also appreciate the teachers pushing me to my limit.”  -Joe
“I like CVIS because it gives me a good education and Wednesdays are half days.  We have lots of field trips and events.  The classes are very educational.  We get to dissect things like sheep brains and pig hearts.”  -Jeffrey
“I really enjoy going to Chelan Valley Independent School because you have close relationships with your teachers and each classroom is like a family.  You don’t feel embarrassed about how you act around teachers and other students.  People aren’t graded, but teachers give you tips on how to get better and how you can achieve more.  I appreciate how our teachers give you one-on-one time to sort out problems in any subject.  I also feel very fortunate to be able to have art and choir every week.  Everyone, no matter what grade, works at their own level and feels good about their achievements.  Chelan Valley Independent School is a place of learning and also one big family.”  -Malena
I really appreciate our art opportunities.  We are very lucky to have an art teacher like Wendy.  I really like writing at school because we use a good curriculum that teaches us lots of great techniques.  Also, one of my favorite parts of school is science.  We get to dissect things, which is a lot of fun!”  -Sophia
“One of my favorite things to do at CVIS is dissecting stuff in science.  I also like art, P.E., and writing.”  -Ty
“I really enjoy the math curriculum we have here, and we have a great writing program.  The middle schoolers get art every Tuesday and Thursday during the whole year, which is great.  Our science program is pretty fun.  We got to dissect pig hearts, which are the closest to a human heart, and we are going to dissect sheep brains and frogs.  Teachers here make a huge effort to go on fun and informative field trips, like the Picasso Exhibit in Seattle.  I am very grateful to live in a town with such a great school community.” -Emma
“I appreciate CVIS because every year we do a big play.  And I like it because we get a lot of free time.  I also like the curriculum and having half days on Wednesdays.”  -Elli
“I like CVIS because of the math and the projects we do.  I especially like making and doing art.”  -Lily
“I like CVIS because I can do stuff that in other schools would be called “girly.”  I also like it because it can be sort of a democracy.  One of my favorite things is the half days on Wednesdays.  I love all of the field trips that we do especially the long ones like the Lake Wenatchee camping trip and the Salish Sea Expedition.  I think that I am very fortunate to go to this school.”  -Henry
“I like CVIS because the teachers are good, Wednesdays are half days, the classes are fun, and you can learn at your level.”  -Aria

Intermediate School Students

“I love C.V.I.S. I will tell you three things about C.V.I.S. that I like. First, I love C.V.I.S. because it is a great school and there are a lot of nice people. I have a lot of friends that support me. My favorite subject is art because you can paint what you want and create what you’d like at C.V.I.S. I’ve been to three schools including C.V.I.S. and I like this school the best. I forgot to tell you what C.V.I.S. stands for—Chelan Valley Independent School. C.V.I.S. rocks!”  -Andy
“C.V.I.S. is the funnest school ever. One of my favorite things at C.V.I.S. is the school play because it is fun singing, cool doing lines, and you get to choose a character. Another reason is recess because it’s awesome. We get to run around and get to play. One more reason is my friends because they’re nice to me, fun, and they’re nice to have around. I like C.V.I.S. even though this is the only school I’ve been to. I think this would be my favorite school.”  -Juno
“C.V.I.S. is the best, most awesome, greatest, amazing school. One reason I love it is because the teachers are sweet and awesome. My second reason is my friends. I like them because they’re nice, helpful and kind. My third reason is all the subjects:  writer’s workshop, reader’s workshop, recess, Spanish, and P.E. I may like school but I know I have to graduate and then I will hardly get to see my friends and teachers.” (sad face)  -C.J.
“C.V.I.S. is a special school to me because of the teachers, the learning, and the friends. The first reason I like the school is because of the teachers. They become friends with you very quickly, and they don’t get mad easily. Another reason is we learn things sooner than other schools, and it’s fun the way we learn. The biggest reason I love the school is because of the friends. I see old friends and meet new ones. The friends at school are the best. There can be some trouble but it’s handled and we have fun for the rest of the time. I love C.V.I.S. with my heart.” -Oliver

Elementary School Students

“I like math because our teacher makes us understand.” -Rowan
What I like about CVIS is our all-school play.” -Sage
“I like math because math is fun.” -Will
“I like CVIS because we get to have snowball fights.” -Koa
“I like playing Sharks and Minnows at recess.” -Caden
“I like CVIS because it is a loving school.” -Cara
“I like CVIS because bullies are not here.” -Maddie
“I like P.E. I like it because we can have snowball fights.” -Nick
“I like CVIS because there are no bullies.”Cory
“I like everything about CVIS because the teachers are nice. I ♥ CVIS!” -Delana